National Tactical Fitness (NTF) is a conspiracy that was forged in the summer of 2010 by former and current U.S. Special Forces operators.  The purpose was to create a community of tactical professionals that could capitalize upon real life experiences and specialized training as a means of bettering themselves and their teams through physical readiness.

Through it’s rapid evolution, the NTF community has become the online platform for all Tactical Athletes and fitness professionals to develop and advance their presence within the Tactical Fitness industry.

NTF defines the Tactical Athlete as anyone that uses their body to protect and/or secure themselves or others. This includes but it not limited to: law enforcement, military, and first responders. Our goal is to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of our users through online connectivity.

We believe that the open architecture of our site, acts as the most effective method for our community to validate programs, workouts, and training philosophies for tactical fitness training.

The Founder:

NTF Founder - Derek Zahler Derek Zahler is the founder of NationalTacticalFitness.com. Merging his experiences as an NCAA division one athlete and US Army Special Forces Operator, Derek understands the difficulties athletes must navigate finding the best available information for training. Furthermore, as an avid adventure seeker and strength coach, he also understands the enormous scope of challenges and goals the tactical fitness industry encounter.

It is the goal of both Derek and NTF to create a clearinghouse of information and connectivity on behalf of inspired individuals and communities that represent the Tactical Fitness Industry.