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Connecting live tactical experience with physical fitness knowledge, the National Tactical Fitness community endeavors to become the leading authority and clearinghouse within the Tactical Fitness industry. 

What is NTF

NTF is a collection of athletes, coaches and industry professional that believe the Tactical Fitness industry.  This closely bonded network of individuals collaborates on a variety of projects to forward the understanding, programming, and connectivity of tactical athletes and the subsequent conditioning tenants.

 The Tactical Athlete

NTF defines the Tactical Athlete as anyone that uses their body to protect and/or secure themselves or others. This includes but it not limited to: law enforcement, military, and first responders. Our goal is to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of our users through online connectivity.

NTF Provides

For Athletes:

  • Connections to coaches and other athletes 
  • Needs analysis & programming

For Coaches

  • Connection to tactical athletes
  • Job opportunities and information
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • An industry sounding board for ideas

For Organizations

  • Consulting with industry experts
  • Segment analysis
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